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Water Projects – A Himalayan Hands Signature Project

Water Projects – A Himalayan Hands Signature Project

Providing clean and accessible water to remote villages and schools has been a significant focus for Himalayan Hands. We’ve found that small communities in Tibet and Nepal often do not have access to clean water.

Our first water related project was in a village far from Lhasa that had no nearby access to water. At that time our founder, Lynne Wiggins was leading a tour group in Tibet and the members of her group contributed funds to buy supplies so the villagers could use their own manpower to construct a simple pipe from a water source high in the mountains to their village. On a return trip the group funded the same concept to bring electricity to the people.

In Nepal we’ve built numerous wells in villages where people previously had to walk for miles to fill water buckets. In some cases their wells had run dry and there was no money to build a new well. For only $250.00 to $500.00 per well we’ve been able to change lives by bringing clean and accessible water to their village.

Himalayan Hands has also built water retention tanks for schools to enable better access to clean water.

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