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Dear Friends of Himalayan Hands,

It’s been a long and difficult time for so many since we connected with you prior to Covid. We’d like to take this opportunity to give you a brief update on how Himalayan Hands and some affiliated individuals have been supporting those in need in Nepal, Tibet, Peru and Thailand.

So many of our friends and Himalayan Hands team members are in the travel business and their work and income came to an abrupt stop in March of 2020. And, to this day, work and income remains almost non-existent. It’s almost impossible to imagine they have had no income for two and a half years. And no government assistance of any kind.

Pre-pandemic Himalayan Hands was dedicated to providing education to girls, sponsoring an Orphanage near Kathmandu with 45 children, building water wells in impoverished communities, providing solar panels to allow those communities to have electricity, supporting Tibetan refugees in India, and more.

The pandemic ended education in most countries so we chose to put our resources to use in providing food and basic necessities to our HH Team, their families, and those around them who were without food, water, clothing, and sometimes housing. We couldn’t imagine that level of suffering from people who were earning a solid middle class living before Covid. With no job, their savings depleted, no support from their government or NGOs, no medical insurance, we attempted to give some hope and support through distributing funds from HH and even from our own funds. Several of you joined us in sending support monies to Nepal, Peru, and Tibet and we thank you for that.

As of today tourists are very slowly returning, schools are opening, and there is some hope for a better tomorrow.

But it is believed that it will be mid 2023 before tourism returns to minimal levels and 2024 before it returns to pre-pandemic levels. While tourism to Europe and Central America is booming, travel to Asia and South America has yet to begin in earnest.

Lynne and I traveled to Nepal and returned to the US just two weeks prior to the shutdown in 2020.  We hope to return sometime in 2023.

As school is starting again in Nepal we are requesting your support in any amount you can give. The average cost prior to the pandemic was around $350 per child but we do not yet know what costs will be going into the next schools year. We will continue to support the orphanage with food, clothing, medical help, and basic living needs—just recently we provided mattresses to replace thin, and sometimes non existent mattresses at the orphanage.  

We can assure you that at least 95 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to help the children. We have no administrative expenses that are charged to Himalayan Hands.  

To help, please donate.

Thank you so much!

Lynne, Jim and our Board of Directors – Phyllis, Emilie and Arlene.



Does your company offer a donation matching program? Some companies off to match – or double – donations!


Any amount is deeply appreciated

Over 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to those in need.

Your confidential donation is tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your donation by email.

Thank you


Thank you for making these projects possible…


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