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Manedovan, Nepal School and Earthquake Relief

Manedovan, Nepal School and Earthquake Relief

Manedovan is a small village of about 98 families about 2 hours outside of Kathmandu. Access is by 4 wheel drive on a road that is virtually impossible to navigate by Western standards. The village received no support of any kind after the 2015 earthquake and was nearly 95% damaged or destroyed.

Our Asian connection, Prabin, and a number of his co-workers used Himalayan Hands money to purchase food supplies and corrugated metal sheets and drove to the village and spent days helping the people to construct “Quonset hut” type structures to protect them from the upcoming rainy season. They made repeated trips to the village until almost everyone had some type of shelter. Now, almost three years later, the people of the village have begun slowly rebuilding their homes – a project that will take many years to complete with no government assistance.

On one of his initial trips to Manedovan Prabin was told about the local school that was about to lose its’ funding from a German non-profit group. Himalayan Hands took over the support of the school and we provide 25 children with an education and one nutritious meal a day.

The school and 2 teachers offer parents the chance to return to work and earn an income for their family. Without the school one of the parents would need to remain home to care for the children. Additionally these very young children receive a good basic education that will provide a strong foundation for their future development.


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