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Kathmandu Orphanage – A Himalayan Hands Signature Project

Kathmandu Orphanage – A Himalayan Hands Signature Project

In late 2016 Himalayan Hands “adopted” an orphanage with 38 children and 10 adults that had suffered serious damage during the 2015 earthquake and had no regular funding from other organizations or the government. The roof leaked, walls were caving in, bathrooms were lacking and general maintenance was poor. Cooking for all 48 residents was done over an open fire or on a two-burner propane stove. Children were sleeping on the floor or two to three to a bed. Comforts for residents were non-existent.

In addition to providing some immediate needs such as food and water, we initiated installation of a new roof, made repairs on the building, painted inside and out, added and modernized several bathrooms to the only 2 that existed. Electrical work was completed to enable bathrooms and bedrooms to have lights.

A refrigerator, gas stove, television, and fans were purchased. New mattresses and blankets were provided. Beds were added. Improvements are underway for the kitchen and dining areas.

All of the school-aged children received new school uniforms and shoes. Sporting goods and toys were purchased, as there were none before.

We now provide for a daily nutritious breakfast for all residents as many of the children went to school with no morning meal.


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