Himalayan Hands

A small organization striving to make a big difference

Himalayan Hands is a small non-profit organization dedicated to assisting those in Tibet, Nepal and others in Asia who have been forgotten by their government or by large charitable organizations.

Making a difference one child or family at a time:

  • Supporting children’s orphanage in Kathmandu
  • Supporting a medical clinic and full time doctor in the Tibetan village of Nambar
  • Funding school tuition in Kathmandu
  • Providing basic school supplies in Tibet and Nepal
  • Building wells for tiny villages in Tibet and Nepal
  • Offering medical services outside Lhasa
  • Ensuring one solid meal a day for school children
  • Responding to natural disasters


Himalayan Hands helps to educate Nepalese children. The cost for educating a child for one year is $350.

If you are unable to sponsor a child on your own, please consider asking friends to share in educating a child.

Himalayan Hands is not a political organization. Our interest is in people, not politics.

Funded solely by donations, the organization was formed by people who have traveled to the region and seen the overwhelming need there.

The Himalayan Hands board members are from different areas of the United States with the common bond of helping the people in the Himalayan region.


In 2000 those of us who would ultimately form Himalayan Hands arranged for a full time doctor to remain at Nambar village. He uses both traditional and modern medicines. An additional benefit has been that people from nearby villages, as well as Nomads, come to Nambar for treatment.

Medicine and the doctor’s salary is made possible by our donors. We appreciate donations of any amount.

Himalayan Hands is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our seven member board of directors includes a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The board is made up of people who have either traveled to the Himalayan region or have an interest in helping people there.



LynneLynne Wiggins has had a passion for leading small travel groups for over 25 years and has travelled “off the beaten path” in Tibet and Nepal.
Lynne saw the plight of people in need of basic medical care, an education for their children, and clean water and good food. On one trip to Tibet, Lynne and her fellow travelers funded a new school and medical clinic in a small village. On another trip the group was able to support bringing water and electricity to a tiny town. In 2014 Himalayan Hands evolved out of these accomplishments with the hope of continuing to be a small organization making a big difference in people’s lives.




Prabin Lakhe and Lynne met on one of the Lynne’s trips to Nepal and Tibet. As Lynne’s professional travel guide, Prabin shared Lynne’s passion for seeking out those who could use a helping hand. He and Lynne saw many opportunities in rural and remote areas and informally helped in any way possible, from providing a water well to funding a good education.
During the recent Nepal earthquake, Prabin and his friends used Himalayan Hands funds to purchase corrugated metal sheets and drove deep into the countryside. They worked for weeks assisting villagers in building small shelters until the home could be rebuilt (in coming years). As our connection in Nepal and Tibet, Prabin ensures that 100% of every dollar is maximized for the greatest benefit of those who have otherwise been forgotten.



Where does your donation go?

Himalayan Hands Board Members have long-term relationships with agents in both Kathmandu and Nambar. As need arises our agents alert us via email or by phone and the board decides how to best respond to the situation.

Please consider donating now to help those in need.

Does your company offer a donation matching program? Some companies off to match – or double – donations!


Any amount is deeply appreciated

Over 95 cents of every dollar goes directly to those in need.

Your confidential donation is tax deductible. You will receive a receipt for your donation by email.


Please use amazonsmile.com when shopping and select Himalayan Hand and then every time you go to amazonsmile.com to make a purchase Amazon will make a donation to Himalayan Hands. It’s exactly like amazon.com except Himalayan Hands benefits from all purchases made in their name on amazonsmile.com.


Thank you


Thank you for making these projects possible…


Kathmandu Orphanage – A Himalayan Hands Signature Project

In late 2016 Himalayan Hands “adopted” an orphanage with 38 children and 10 adults that had suffered serious damage during the 2015 earthquake and had no regular funding from other organizations or the government. The roof leaked, walls were…

Water Projects – A Himalayan Hands Signature Project

Providing clean and accessible water to remote villages and schools has been a significant focus for Himalayan Hands. We’ve found that small communities in Tibet and Nepal often do not have access to clean water. Our first water related…

Manedovan, Nepal School and Earthquake Relief

Manedovan is a small village of about 98 families about 2 hours outside of Kathmandu. Access is by 4 wheel drive on a road that is virtually impossible to navigate by Western standards. The village received no support of…

Adult Education Project – Pokhara Sewing Education

We recently found an opportunity in Pokhara, Nepal to provide sewing training and equipment for 13 women. Their husbands travel to the Middle East to find work and are obligated to remain for 3 years saving money (very little)…

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